Happy Easter 2019! the making of Easter greeting egg

I don’t know what was first – the egg or the chicken? This question still puzzles me, it remains unanswered…I am fascinated by it. Nevertheless an egg is a product of a beauty, perhaps taken for granted way too often. Nature herself has packaged it in placed it where it has to be perfectly – ideally proportioned, hard on the exterior and soft in interior. As I think of it, aren’t we a little bit like an egg? Especially when we travel, we sit in a seat fastened safely whether its bus, plane or a car? We protected by the hard exterior and soft interior, an interesting thought….

Because its Easter and there is this mysterious craze about the eggs I decided to create this Easter Greeting. I have designed egg looking vehicle. This was bigger challenge then I thought, it started with random small sketch in some coffee shop London Soho, when I asked my wife to lend some back of an envelope and a pen. This was the thought which shaped the concept, I hope you’ll enjoy some images below and HAPPY EASTER!!! đŸ™‚


The perfect egg


The thought which shaped the concept.

More defined concept, far from perfect still, but its a start.


This is chassis holding together interior and exterior.



Soft leather egg shaped interior lounge seat.







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