CONCEPT Surface design

I am extremely fortunate to work with one of the largest automotive design studios – GEELY Design Global, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first collaboration with the studio dates back to 2014, about the same time I started to develop my modelling expertise which has been since incorporated into my design process.

Working on several large-scale projects I contribute a multidisciplinary design expertise; exterior surface design, exterior design and interior surface design. This is an extremely inspiring and one of my most challenging projects where boundaries are pushed to deliver high-quality, outstanding design material.


Often you may have the idea and design intent already in place as a sketch but you need to make the next step into a 3D model in order to have a full-scale vision of the desired outcome. This can be a challenge as some ideas work on paper and some don’t when the realities are faced. At this stage, clients are often faced with design dilemmas as design and engineer teams might have opposing views about what is possible and what is not. My goal is to help you to adapt your initial design vision accordingly and make the required transition as the evolutionary step forward for your product as smooth as possible. And finally, I will bring the idea to maturity where both engineers and designers are happy.

Below is a glimpse into some of my personal work process samples.

Hyper car study:


Autonomous limousine: