Originally from Lithuania, I trained as an industrial designer in Finland’s prestigious Lahti School of Design. In 2003, I started my career as an industrial designer in Nokia Design in Helsinki where I worked for over 8 years. One of my breakthrough design projects was the Nokia C7 smartphone which helped me to transition into the creative leader role. In 2012, I joined a leading Chinese telecommunications company – HUAWEI as a Senior Designer in London helping the company to establish a solid position as an innovative design technology brand in the global markets.

Since 2014, I work as an independent design consultant on high profile design projects within product, automotive and airline industries. Among my most recent clients are VOLVO CARS, GEELY Design Sweden and a London based Tangerine design agency. More recently, I have been working on automotive modelling and exterior design projects which is a highly rewarding experience that opened new ways of designing and understanding a wide range of products for me. Therefore, my design workflow has evolved with mixing product and automotive design processes.

Design is my passion, I find it’s very interesting to discover emerging human behaviour patterns due to new technologies and ever-growing knowledge in all fields of science. It moves step by step forward and is reflected in new emerging design whether it is interaction, product, automotive or any other. Once I discover a certain pattern I then think about how to utilise it and enable it within a design, business and technologies. How to reinvent something that would bring people a positive emotion, a positive momentum? Can design bring back values that over time of relentless technology and innovation pace we might have lost? Those and many other questions I try to explore on a daily basis.

But nothing is more fun than the final stages of the design process where the power of lines and shades come together into a harmony and reflect the key messages of a final product. This has to be a perfection, it has to be something that you must stop and admire for a moment; the lines and shapes must play and convey the needed messages, it must fill you with that positive emotion so that you continue on inspired.


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