Design workshops

With over 15 years of experience in product and transportation design industries, I have witnessed a considerable number of design cases. Cases of successful mass-market products but also…failures. Nothing else is more important than a teamwork in order to build a strong design organisation which consistently produces successful products.


I help companies (small and big) to deliver and facilitate design workshops to kick off some of the most important product projects. I like to bring essential stakeholders under one roof and start exercises that encourage people to work together towards a common goal of a great design. The key ingredients are; the participation of various teams across design, engineering and business units. These teams tend to build silos in big organisations and my aim is to break these silos down in order to establish an effective communication and cooperation across the teams.


The length of the workshop depends on the depth of its theme. In order to generate a real value for the teams involved in a particular project, an intensive workshop shall be implemented which lasts for 1 or 2 weeks. The goal is to kick-start product projects in the right way collectively. This process ensures alignment across teams and implements a clear design strategy communication which will keep your product on the track further down the development line.

Some screen grabs from the WORKSHOPS I have had the privilege to lead: