Automotive design

I have been working with leading automotive design studio since 2014 delivering high-value projects; from exterior theme proposals to interior design concepts for high-end automotive brand. Today the industry is changing more then it ever has due to customer demand for UX and flexibility which electric power-train offers for designers and engineers.


Based on the initial brief the first stage of any project involves sketching my intent in order to visually communicate the idea to the client and discuss it through. A sketch is driven by the client’s product vision and an input from the engineering team. The second step is designing a 3D model. Thanks to my expertise and experience in both design and modelling, I help the client to not only achieve the desired outcome but also produce an innovative and feasible design.


Here is a case study of an interior, starting off with a rough thought of a concept then bringing it into Photoshop, and then hero sketch is developed into 3D model. The same process is applied to exterior design projects.

WIP49ainteriorBLACKPhoto 08-08-16 11 28 38 (1)Photo 08-08-16 11 28 54 (1)Capture2Photo 17-12-2017, 21 16 30WIP42AWIP43AWIP45AWIP41A





This concept is about Micromobility. One seat vehicle which allows individual to move around metropolis freely and with a sense of style. This small project showcasing ability to define entire detailed exterior and interior in short spans of time.

Photo 11-02-2019, 20 39 00Photo 17-02-2019, 18 30 25Photo 18-02-2019, 16 17 12Photo 17-02-2019, 18 13 18Photo 17-02-2019, 17 51 34Photo 18-02-2019, 16 58 13Photo 17-02-2019, 20 20 56Photo 17-02-2019, 20 25 11Photo 18-02-2019, 11 07 25

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