Pilot design projects

Every company wants to stay in the competitive lead and follow the design industry pioneers and their processes. I help small or big businesses grow by applying my wide-spectrum professional design experience and implement relevant design intent with an aggressive timeline.


I will bring the relevant parties to one table where design strategy will be discussed and formed. Then step by step we will benchmark the brand position among the competition and its short and long-term goals. We will ensure an efficient product development and a feasible and relevant design strategy throughout all stages of the design process.


Project development timelines are shrinking due to the global competition coming from Asia. That is a challenge we face as designers and engineers on our end. I employ rapid prototyping techniques used by the automotive industries to give my design concepts tangibility during the early stages of the design process. This allows us to test ideas quickly and early in the project development process.


New design process brings a lot of advantages to your organisation. By creating a PILOT project we can involve your design and engineering team into the process and coach them through it. This pilot study will eventually evolve into a tool to streamline your design process towards excellence.

Some example of my personal work:


Autodesk VRED Design 2015