Character design: Contractor 2025


2025 – the ways of working changed, technology brought new tools and possibilities with them. The times when we were sitting in front of computer doing job are over. VR is now a working routine, governments and corporations wanted to encourage fitness at work and as a result workflow includes a lot of physical activity, for instance instead of rotating the model on your screen you have to walk around. As a result people are more fit and happier,  contractors are amongst the fittest but arguably amongst the happiest. Successful combination of VR and physical activity pushed the retirement age to 75 and increased life expectancy by approximately 10 years.

This sculpture depicts archetype of Contractor in 2025, wearing VR device much like a miner wears helmet, true professional, enduring long commute hours, 14 hour working days, barely sees his family and yet to everyone’s amazement always manages to keep the balance and composure.

This sketch got me started…

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