Full circle

Living in London is a certain privilege, you always bump into something new, cool thing. Just like that this weekend I have accidentally came across car display on Regent Street. Cars from the turn of twentieth century, old stuff really, but is it really? The street was jammed with old cars and owners proudly dressed according to the era, it was good going.  

What struck me most is how these old vehicles might become relevant again. Very simple architecture – passengers are sitting up high, motor is hidden underneath, in some cases invisible and one has either steering stick or wheel. What you tend to see at first sight  is not necessarily a car it’s actually passengers that you see, quite striking, social and cool! And off course why should you want to roll around streets of London sitting there down low? We all want to sit high in order to see things better around, it’s just how it is, get over it. 

When finally electric power train and AI can be adapted to true need of people will we see cars taking amazing shapes which for most of the time were constrained by oil engine powertrains. Truly looking forward to this.

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