MYRSKY racer concept 3D iteration

This is continuation of Myrsky concept for JUKOLA7 company which specialises in building metal sheet structures. Idea of this concept would be to showcase the know-how of using metal sheet bending and lasering. At the same time its one seat sports car which is built using metal sheet bending and lasering techniques. All surfaces are pretty much 2D and all the air resistance is is guided into the car structure instead around it. Its a challenge to build appealing and functional structure using 2D surfaces, this is first try, lets see how it evolves.

myrsky-ideation myrsky-wall myrsky-side-view myrsky-front-top-elevated myrsky-top-elevated myrsky-rear-top-elevated myrsky-interior-shot2 myrsky-interior-shot myrsky-side-view-new myrskyside-shot2 myrsky-front-2 myrsky-sport4 myrsky-sport3 myrsky-sport2 myrsky-sport1myrsky-rear-elevated1myrsky-sport6myrsky-sport5


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