Design Workshop NIDA 2016

It is becoming a tradition that once a year I lead intensive design workshop in Lithuania together with Vilnius Academy of Arts. This year we had an unusual and beautiful location NIDA. Its a beautiful city on a cost of Baltic with lots of pine woods and sand dunes. That was our major inspiration during workshop, our main emotional factor which we used to create our mood boards and themes. The challenge was the concept of time in Nida is different to that in the capital city, the pace is different. we tended to be more productive in the evening and night rather then mornings. Good thing about Nida at this time of year that students have no where to go that way focus stays on project.

Its my second time when I lead this type of workshop and its always seem to be different in its own ways. This time we focused on research and market analysis as core of the workshop, for concept visualisation we left just a little time. I know from myself how hard for creative designer might be analysing market and drawing conclusions, but its a must if you want to deliver relevant solutions to the client.

I was enjoying watching how strangers students become friends and how teamwork is taking shape. In the end everyone delivered, everyone had unique factor in their concepts and everyone has done their home work in research phase. Very proud of the students!

Special big thanks to Juozas Brundza&Co the director of VDA design faculty making this workshop possible. The balance of beautiful location and hard work was right.

Here are some images from the workshop:

photo-2016-10-26-15-53-28 photo-2016-10-26-15-53-08 photo-2016-10-26-14-41-00 photo-2016-10-26-14-41-17 photo-2016-10-26-11-53-33 photo-2016-10-26-11-53-13 photo-2016-10-26-10-49-47photo-2016-10-26-10-49-22photo-2016-10-26-07-58-19photo-2016-10-26-07-46-46photo-2016-10-26-07-43-04photo-2016-10-23-08-40-20photo-2016-10-24-12-11-30photo-2016-10-23-07-46-29photo-2016-10-23-08-27-59photo-2016-10-28-08-19-39photo-2016-10-27-14-46-32photo-2016-10-26-10-52-18

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