LADA Niva exterior study

From my memories in childhood I was captivated by this particular car – LADA Niva. Its a four wheel and 3 door compact  car which chassis is elevated from wheel base. I wanted to recreate this particular LADA Niva  into a modern day proposition. Obviously this car has I  ts buyers and fans, so I thought of making more of  retro-modern mass appealing proposal maintaining character and simplicity, making a step forward in almost similar way what Mini has done with their design proposition. I wanted to add friendliness and some level of cuteness to main proportions.

dayz-lada-niva-is-going-to-be-added-in-dayz1 Photo 02-08-16 11 16 20 Photo 26-07-16 17 13 47 Photo 31-07-16 13 09 58


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