Creative Design Workshops: preparation counts

In design driven creative process we often have workshops to generate first ideas and concepts. From my experience it is one very important part where team can be built and bonds between different disciplines found. I have been lucky to work with various professionals in different industries and I still think this is quite universal way and can be applied through product or automotive plus other industries.

Most important is to prepare for the workshop and have material ready to be presented as part of stimuli. Design Workshop can be arranged and be between designers of HW and sw plus UI or between marketing, engineering and design, depends on situation and client needs. Inviting key stakeholders adds much more feasibility to the ideas being generated.

We designers often drift towards cool creative solutions but it is very good to have marketing and engineering teams keep us on the feasible side of things. Often best design organisations have: “advanced” studios where brand value propositions are pushed to extreme innovation and package but in “production” studio realities are met and ideas are forged into mass production propositions.

Picture below have been taken before start of design brainstorming session. All interesting design references can be talked through and quickly visualised, at this phase there YES is a key word.

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